jeudi 2 décembre 2010

L'état du marché des TBI

L'entreprise Future source consulting publie régulièrement un état du marché des TBI et ses perspectives de développement. Les faits principaux du dernier rapport , en anglais:
  •  Global Interactive Whiteboard sales in Quarter 3 were the largest quarter ever at over 250 000 boards.  
  • Almost 4 million IWBs have now been installed globally
  • However, as only 7% of the classrooms in the world have a board there is still great growth potential.
  • The 2010 world sales forecast is for almost 1 million boards, a value of $1.4Bn,
  • Current tenders [appels d'offre publique] in Greece, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Ireland highlight the fact that the state of a country's economy can bear little relation to their implementation of educational technology.  These tenders are normally financed by EU money.

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